A public durational performance installation. 

I fill a small space with cables, mounds and mounds of tangled cables, cables that work, are useful and very valuable - if they weren't all tangled together. In their current state they are obsolete and have been left to gather dust. I sort them out, I keep going until they are all done. On display to the public, they can see the show progression throughout the day.
It takes 8 hours. 

Some observations from during the performance:
09:45 - People on their way to work watch as I fill the window with cables. 
10:00 - More cables than I'd realised. Now that I'm in the door won't open, I'm more or less trapped. 
11:10 - It's quite therapeutic, following the cables as they weave in and out of each other. A massive puzzle. 
12:15 - 2 hours in and the hooks I was hanging untangled cables on has just fallen down. Now I'm sorting on top of the mess, doesn't feel or look like any progress. 
13:00 - I usually get really frustrated and impatient untangling cables, but I know I'm here for the long run so just taking it slow, taking my time and enjoying the task. 
13:10 - People on their lunch break come to see my progress and sympathise with me. 
14:45 - Everything here is so obsolete unplugged, unable to serve it's purpose, simply because it's tangled and no one has the time to untangle them. 
15:10 - Considering all the other potential uses for these cables, I could weave them together on a loom?
15:33 - My hands are really hurting, rope burn, dust, and a few sharp broken wires.  
16:30 - I'm starting to rush now, didn't think it would take this long. Doesn't seem to be getting much easier. 
17:10 - Rushing, hurts even more.
17:33 - All the people that passed on their way to work this morning starting to come by again, does it look like I've made any progress?

Cables donated by Relentless Number 5,  Central School of Speech and Drama and Colonia Forever


Camden People's Theatre - Jan 2016
One of the artists' window take over as part of the 'Whose London is it Anyway?' Festival