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Sadly I have to announce that the Performing Britain Festival, and therefore the performance of I Called To Say I'm Leaving EU, is no longer taking place on Fri 29th March.

Thank you to all those who showed interest and support of the work. I will be exploring new platforms and opportunities for the work.

However, in an ideal world (an ideal UK) the piece wouldn’t be required at all. If you’re a UK resident or British Citizen you can help make this piece redundant but signing this petition to revoke Article 50:

I CALLED TO SAY I’M LEAVING EU - One on one Performance

Some breakups are sad, some are messy, some are one sided and some are for the best - whichever type, breakups are a period of uncertainty, when we look to the future and think about what will happen next, how the relationship will function hence forth. The United Kingdom is walking out on the European Union, regardless of our feelings about this fact it’s not polite to simply leave without saying goodbye. Hannah, with the audience’s help and moral support, will call a representative of each country in the EU to personally break up with them on behalf of the British peoples.


Hannah is a performance artist creating one on one encounters, digital installations and intimate performances. The focus of her work is on interactivity, using this medium to facilitate dialogues that explore topics around the human condition. More about Hannah’s Work…


While the UK Government can't make its mind up if it wants a No Deal, Peoples Vote, Article 50 Extension or to all agree to disagree and call the whole thing off we can be sure of one thing: Over 35 artists will gather in Leeds between March 29th at 6pm - March 30th at 6pm. Over 24 hours - in multiple venues and public spaces these artists will present their ideas, share their lived experiences, offer us gestures and interventions that go beyond the expected, and the obvious, and try to define and articulate a new narrative for British identity. New notions of what it means to be 'British' and what it means to be excluded. For 24 hours we will occupy ambiguity. The performance marathon will run from 6pm March 29th to 6pm.


I am looking for people from in EU countries who are willing to represent their country and take a call on the evening of 29th March.

DATE: Sat 29th March 2019
TIME: Between 6pm and 1am GMT
DURATION: Phone calls should last between 3-10 minutes

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE PHONE CALL: An audience member, guided by the artist, will deliver a speech to you breaking up with your country. You will then be given the chance to respond.

The thinking behind the piece is to explore Brexit on a more personal and relational level. Many of the audience members (the majority I expect but I cannot guarantee this) will be strongly against Brexit and would like a chance to apologise on behalf of the UK and express their regret for how the relationship has turned out and the breakup handled.

I am aware that for some EU nationals currently residing in the UK that this is a time uncertainty and this work endeavours not to appear insensitive to this fact. While our media is saturated with views from the British public on the situation, I would like this to be an opportunity for you to voice your response and tell your personal experience of the Britain’s Exit.

If you would like to participate please complete the form below:

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