Natal (Idea in Gestation)

An intimate performance exploring the conception, nurturing and development of a creative idea, from inspiration through to fruition, using the visual metaphor of a pregnancy.

Addressing issues and concerns that any creative mind will have encountered when undertaking a project; the initial pride of having the inspiration, decisions on development, potential of collaboration etc.  The performance takes the form of a dramatic monologue delivered directly to the surrounding  audience, inviting, if not forcing, them to partake on this journey and share responsibility with the performer. 

This piece is a work in progress, with an aim to be developed into a full length piece with the help of fund and artist residencies. 


Theatre in the Pound
Monday 20th Nov 2017
The Cockpit Theatre, Gateforth Street, London NW8 8EH

Friday 4th Nov 2016
The Others, 6 Manor Road, N16 5 London, United Kingdom

Guerrilla Zoo's Modern Panic VII: Panic Sermons 
Sunday 9th Oct 2016
Bethnal Green Working Men's Club