Nothing but smoke...

Playfully looking at the futility of life and simply asking ‘what is the point?


A collection of interactive, multimedia and performance installations, drawing inspiration from the book of Ecclesiastes.

Created by Hannah Millest
Performed by Jaice Sara TitusPaulina Lara Franco, Kate Millest, Marion Kokolakakis, Angeliki Margeti, Yoko Ishiguro & Siobhan Halpin. 
Music composed by Charlotte Harding,  Recorded by Georgie Harris & Amy Green,
Photographed by Dan Millest
Filmed by Graeme Shaw

This is the animation used for an installation as part of my 'Nothing but smoke...' exhibition. The speed of the animation was determined by how fast the audience member runs on podium, The longer you run the further Pod gets through life, but if you stop he perishes in one of several ways. It is survival of the fittest in the most compact sense.

Here is the video generated by the photo booth installation part of the ‘Nothing but smoke…’ exhibition.



Installed at Brunel University, Artaud Building, presented as the dissertation piece for my Masters. 
15th June 2012