A site-specific installation concerned with the memory of space and artistic context

re:place (part I) – photography installation

Instead of using photography to capture and frame a perspective of the space and then extract it to display in a foreign surroundings re:place keeps the views within the context of the original source. Highlighting and drawing attention to the selected view of the camera by suspending the images from where they were taken. Keeping it there captures that moment in time and displays how the scene has changed.

re:place (part II) – video installation

The video installation is compiled of frames captured from the venue throughout the day and them projected back onto the same surface creating a living memory of the space.

re:place - part II

Month of Performance Art, Berlin - Tuesday 14th May 2013

MONTH OF PERFORMANCE ART is a 31 day citywide platform supporting, celebrating and presenting BERLIN’s independent, contemporary and experimental performance art scene.