Run to Run in action at Gate F, Stoke Newington

Run to Run

It is survival of the fittest, in the most literal of senses. 

Originally part of the ‘Nothing But Smoke…’ collection of installations, this piece has broken away not only to be a stand alone interactive spectacle but has also inspired a mini series of site-specific explorations, playing with the mechanics of the flipbook and the need for audience participation to make them work/ make the ‘performer’ move. 


Run to Run: Survival of the fittest (2012)
Run to make the animation progress through life, stop running and he dies - this interactive installation invites the audience to challenge themselves and playfully consider the futility of life. 

Run to Run: Lordship Lane (2016)
Race against the clock to collect the shopping from Lordship Lane - making fun of the 'to do list'. 

Run to Run: Shoreditch Sprint (2017)
Race against the clock to reach the Hoxton Job Centre before it shuts, while completing urgent tasks along the way. 

Run to Run: Guildhall Hurtle (2017)
Make your way around the exhibits in Guildhall Museum and get out before it closes at 5pm. 




51zero Festival at Guildhall Museum
Saturday 28th + Sunday 29th Oct 2017


DIY Cultures Festival at RichMix
Interactive Art Commission
Sunday 14 May 2017

Fantasy High Street - Animating Lordship Lane
Sunday 4 September 2016

Tempting Failure festival at The Island in Bristol,
6-7th April 2013


GATE F – International Performance Experience at Stoke Newington Airport
17th January 2013