Wailing Wall

Interactive installation comprising of bricks, mortar, cement, speakers, light sensors and microphone. 
Commissioned for Unveiling Festival 2017

The title is taken from the Western Wall of the temple in Jerusalem, nicknamed the Wailing Wall due the practice of Jews to visit the site to pray, weep over the temple’s destruction and slip prayer notes into the cracks in the walls.

As Christians we believe the temple where God resides is not a physical building but the body of His people. This installation seeks to be a representation of this. As we enter our prayers into the Wailing Wall, we start to understand the unity of His family and that we are all held together as the new wailing wall crying out: the living stones of His temple.


  1. Listen to the prayers through the wall’s weep holes

  2. Kneel down at the cornerstone and record a prayer by placing your hands on either side. This will be added to the library of prayers.