Sky Above the Scene
- Video installation

Sky Above the Scene is a large scale video installation  that draw the audience into various situations all happening under one sky. Through audio located at each station they are given a glimpse of the scene happening while focusing, not on the visually differing geographical location, but on the fact that it is taking place a sky that does not differ to our own visual experience.

Mirror Piece
- interactive digital installation

In the age of the selfie, this warped photo booth installation examines how we act and perform to the camera. Using technology to playfully mock the audience and reveal to them how their behaviour is affected by surveillance and a desire to pose.

This is a digital installation for one audience member at a time made using Isadora and Kinect technology. Using the recognised setup of a photo booth that typically invites a certain type of posing behaviour, it hijacks this familiar format to poke fun at vain behaviour. Instead of capturing a single photo it plays back the audience’s preparation and posing while simultaneously capturing their reactions to the footage in an unfolding sequence of playback and capture that they slowly begin to play up to as they realise the that they are continually being watched.