Your face, your self

A one on one performance in which the audience are invited to take a journey with themselves. 


An interactive audio/visual installation for one person at a time, inviting the viewer to examine their relationship with their own reflection. They are encouraged to stare at their image while listening to an internal monologue that draws on psychology and literary texts, such as Ovid’s Metamorphosis, Oscar Wilde’s A Picture of Dorian Gray and Sartre's Nausea, all of which describe and voice the internal observations on one's outwards appearance. The audio guides them to examine family traits, scars, personal customisation such as piercings. Thinking back to our infant stage when we began to recognise our reflection as ourselves, going through puberty when we may have become more obsessed by our image and self expression, onwards to the history shown in the geographical landscape of our face forged by our lives and overall questioning whether you feel it is a true representation of your inner self.



51zero Film, Video and Digital Arts Festival - Sun Pier, Chatham
October 2014




Scratch Festival - Battersea Arts Centre
October 2012